Hook End Steel Fibre 60

Conforce 0960 HE Fibre

Conforce 0960 HE Fibres are a popular fibre for many concrete applications including slabs on ground. The fibres are made from cold drawn low carbon steel fibre with a >1100N/mm2 (1100mpa) tensile strength. The fibres are supplied loose and have a single hook on each end to form a good mechanical bond with the concrete to improve first crack strength.

0960 HE Steel Fibres

  • Are simple to use, easy to handle.
  • Reduce labour time and costs when placing concrete
  • Save labour costs by replacing rebar and mesh
  • Provide multi directional reinforcement
  • Do not require any specialised finishing equipment
  • Improve impact resistance and crack width control
  • Can be used with all types of cement and concrete
A batch tensile strength certificate for compliance purposes can be supplied with every order.

0960 HE Steel Fibres

Length 60mm
Equivalent Diameter 0.90mm
Aspect Ratio l/d 65
Tensile Strength >1100N/mm2 (mpa)
X sectional shape Round
Deformations Hook end
Material type Low carbon, cold drawn wire


  • Conforms to ASTM A820 Type V


  • Pre-cast
  • Slabs on ground
  • Factory floors

Mixing Information

The fibres must not be added first, they can be gradually added by conveyor during the batching process or at the end of the batching process. The mixing drum should be rotated at full speed for five minutes after the fibres are added to ensure even fibre distribution. Depending on requirements the dose rate may vary between 25 - 50kg/m3.

Packaging & Storage

Supplied in 10kg, 20kg paper bag and 1200kg bulk bags.
Also supplied by special order in 10kg disintegrating bags to improve efficiency and eliminate packing waste. Saves time and bag disposal costs by adding the bag and fibre to the mix. Keep dry, store under cover.

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